A Christmas bucket list 2022; 45 ideas for a happy day!

A Christmas bucket list 2022 for a great day with your family

Christmas is on the doors so we have to prepare our Christmas bucket list. After finishing our Christmas shopping and Christmas decorations, we should know what we will do in the Christmas day, So today we are going to talk about the Christmas activities list.

The first question we have to answer is what is a Christmas bucket list?

What is a Christmas bucket list

It’s a list that you write it with all the activities you want to do in a certain day with someone or alone.

What should I put on my Christmas bucket list?

You can write anything you want like funny things, charity activities, religious activities,…..

What is the most Christmassy thing to do?

  • Watch a movie with your family
  • Christmas movie marathon
  • Drink hot chocolate during watching a movie
  • Listen to classical Christmas songs
  • Pick out a tree
  • Take a family photo
  • Play family games

Christmas bucket list

  • play guess the gift with your family
  • Act a play with your family
  • Christmas crafts night
  • Wear Christmas outfits
  • Have the dinner with your friends
  • Visit your old relatives or neighbors
  • Send merry Christmas to an old friend
  • Decorate your house

  • Decorate your Christmas tree
  • Send your wishes to Santa
  • Surprise your kids, family or friends
  • Wrap gifts
  • Give the gifts to your friends and family
  • Give a secret gift to someone
  • Read a Christmas story to the kids
  • Send Christmas cards
  • Practice and write gratitude
  • Tell some you I love you
  • Kiss someone you love
  • Make a snow man

Christmas bucket list

  • Make snow angels
  • Skate on the ice
  • Dance on the snow
  • Jump in snow piles
  • Snowball fight
  • Put up lights
  • Go see Christmas lights
  • Bake chocolate/ginger cookies
  • Bake daunts
  • Make popcorn garland
  • Eat a candy cane or stick
  • Make gingerbread house
  • Go caroling
  • Go to karaoke
  • Make a picnic
  • Donate food/ money
  • Donate used toys
  • Visit a kids’ hospital

From where can I find a Christmas store near for me?

You can find the near Christmas store from here.

What will you can do if you can’t go for shopping?!

There are many online Christmas stores you can order your Indoor Christmas decorations from.

The jolly Christmas shop is a perfect one of these online Christmas stores.

The Christmas palace is another amazing online Christmas store.












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