Nobel prize 2021 in the medical field

Nobel Prize 2021

The Royal Swedish Academy “Nobel” will announce one of the Nobel prize 2021 winners from Monday to Friday this week.

And again on October 11, the announcements will happen in Stockholm and Oslo and will be broadcast live on the official digital channels of the Nobel Prize according to As reported by the New York Times.

Nobel Prize winners

Nobel prize 2021

The medicine award of Nobel prize 2021 announced Monday was awarded to David Julius and Erdem Patbutian for their discovery of the temperature and touch receptors.

Their work focus on how to decrease chronic or acute pain which is associated with many diseases or trauma and their treatments.

The two scientists Ardem Patapoutian and David Julius won the Nobel Prize for 2021 in the medicinal field for their discoveries on touch receptors and temperature.

The scientist David Julius used capsaicin which is a pungent compound in chili that helps a burning sensation to be induced, to identify the sensor that responds to the heat in endings of the skin’s nerve.

The scientist Ardem Patapoutian used some cells that are pressure-sensitive cells to discover new types of nervous sensors that respond to mechanical stimuli in internal organs and the skin.

Their findings are being used to develop treatments for a range of diseases, including chronic pain.


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2020 Nobel prize

Nobel prize winners 2020 were three scientists who discovered the liver-damaging hepatitis C virus, a breakthrough into treatments for the deadly disease.

Nobel prize announcing schedule

Here, we mention the scheduled dates for announcing the prizes over a week, starting from today until next Monday, corresponding to the eleventh of October

  • Tuesday, October 5: Nobel Prize in physics.
  • Wednesday, October 6th: Nobel Prize in chemistry.
  • Thursday, October 7th: Nobel prize in literature.
  • Friday, October 8: Nobel prize in peace.
  • Monday, October 11th: Nobel prize in Economic Sciences.

The origin of the Nobel Prize

It was named after the scientist Alfred Nobel, a Swedish national.

Nobel approved this annual award in his will before his death, and the said will was documented on the twenty-seventh of November 1895 AD, and it is presented to people who excel in a specific field in the world.

What is the Nobel Prize?


nobel prize
  • A Gold Medal
  • A certificate
  • A sum of money equal to approximately one million dollars, and this was done in the year 1901 AD.

if the prize is for more than one person in the same field, the money is divided between them and it is not required to be equal in the share when dividing the money.

You may need The Nobel Prize website if you want to know more information.


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